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Blue Pancakes

February 16, 2021

Blue Pancakes on a plate

These vibrant blue pancakes are sure to add some colour to your day! Sweet and delicious, they are a great option for breakfast, brunch or dessert. Top them off with some fresh berries and syrup for an extra-special treat. 

How do you make the pancakes so blue?

This recipe is based on a traditional pancake method, however it simply uses some blue food colouring to give a fantastic cobalt hue. You could try experimenting with a range of different colours to make a rainbow effect, or split the batter into batches and add different amounts of colouring to each to produce an ombre effect!

What can I serve them with?

We love to serve these pancakes with some fresh blueberries. You can also dust over some icing sugar or sprinkle some large sugar granules. 

For a fun and fruity syrup alternative we love to combine this 1705 Blue Curacao Syrup with Fulmer Honey.

Top tips from our chef

Our chef recommends making sure not to overmix the batter when you make pancakes. You need to mix the batter until it's just combined into a even consistency and then stop. Overmixing can make your pancakes turn out tough, rather than fluffy! 

You should also make sure that the pan is hot enough before adding the pancake batter. When you pour the batter into the pan it should lightly sizzle. To make sure it's hot enough you can add a drop of water first.


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