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Egg White Frittata

March 17, 2021

Egg White Frittata

Egg White Frittata – a mouthwatering Italian delicacy that's unfathomably easy and quick to cook, and yet tastes egg-celent (sorry, we just had to).

What you'll need

You'll primarily just need Eipro Egg Whites and Paysan Breton's cream and butter. The remaining ingredients are the usual suspects – white onions, mushrooms, capsicums, dill, and some salt & pepper.

How does a Frittata differ from an Omelette?

That's a great question!

Until the 1950s, Frittatas were widely considered Omelettes outside of Italy. The term ‘Frittatas’ only gained its popularity over the last couple of decades.

While Frittatas are fairly similar to Omelettes, there are some key differences between the iconic egg dishes:

  • Frittatas are always combined with at least one ingredient.
  • They are beaten thoroughly to maximize fluffiness.
  • Unlike Omelettes, Frittatas are not folded after cooking – instead, they’re left open, much like a pizza.

Top tips from our chef

While Frittatas can be served whole, if you’re a pizza fan, feel free to cut the Frittata into pizza-like pieces to add a bit more of that Italian touch to the dish.

Prior to cooking, you can add any of your preferred ingredients to the egg mix – including chicken and meat. So if you’d like a chicken Frittata, you know what to do!


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