Miso Black Cod

January 25, 2021

Miso Black Cod

Highly popular thanks to Chef Nobu, this Miso Black Cod recipe gives a restaurant-quality dish that you can serve at home! It combines tender cod with a savory yet sweet miso marinade

Read on to learn how to recreate this great recipe in your own home. We also answer some of the burning questions you may have about this recipe, and give you some exclusive top tips from our chef! 

What is the difference between cod and black cod?

You may not realise that cod and black cod are actually not even from the same family of fish and, as such, they are quite different. The main difference between these two fish is that black cod is a fattier and juicer meat. Pacific cod is leaner and as a result the flesh is firmer and more flaky. 

The good news is that you can use either type of cod for this recipe based on what you may have available, although we really recommend the velvety texture of black cod. 

Main Ingredients and Substitutions

The main ingredients for this recipe are, of course, black cod and miso, and we like to serve it with a side of black rice and steamed pak choy. 

When it comes to the miso, the recipe calls for white miso paste. This is the most light and mild of the miso varieties. You can use a different type of miso but the results will be a little different, and you may want to reduce the amount of miso used - particularly if you use red miso paste which is exceptionally tasty, but much stronger and saltier. 

Top tips from our chef

We suggest in the recipe below marinating the cod overnight which is more than enough to transform the fish into a real flavour sensation. However, if you are able to plan ahead you can marinade the fish for up to two days which will help the flavour profile intensify even more! 

If you do decide to opt for Pacific cod rather than we recommend these cod loins


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