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Pink Pasta

July 26, 2022

Pink Pasta

Pretty and delectable, our vibrant pink pasta recipe is guaranteed to liven up any dinner party

What is pink pasta?

Gloriously bright and bold, pink pasta tastes just as good as it looks. 

Indeed, while the eye-catching shade might look almost too beautiful to be real, this healthy dish is entirely coloured and flavoured with all-natural and highly nutritious ingredients. 

Combining glorious purple beetroot (everyone’s favourite trending superfood), with indulgent and creamy goat cheese, it’s a truly sumptuous combination that’s really hard to ‘beet’. 

Fusing the slightly earthy and sweet flavour of beets, with the tangy and sharp notes of goat cheese, the thick sauce is made extra smooth and enticing with a splash of olive oil. 

The beetroot brings the ‘wow-factor’ appearance, while the goat cheese adds a distinctive complex depth to the enrapturing taste.

A sophisticated and exciting pasta dish that brings something a little bit different to the table, it's certain to win over the hearts of vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

Delicious served cold or warm, pink pasta is a really satisfying and visually impressive dish, that’s actually surprisingly quick and easy to make. 

Serve it as a hearty dinner, a stunning side, or simply make it ahead to pack up and enjoy as a filling and healthy working lunch on the go. 

Key ingredients  

As you might imagine, quality fresh beetroot is key to this head-turning recipe. 

High in vitamin c, fiber, irons, potassium and many other minerals, beetroot is known to bring numerous health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and improved blood flow.  

Some people prefer to roast their beets before blending them with the other ingredients, but we find that boiling works just as well. 

We also add extra show stopping purple hues and nutritional value by throwing in a splash of James White Beetroot Juice, a versatile beverage that’s packed with fresh veggies plucked straight from the luscious green farmlands of the British countryside. 

In order to give the sauce its enticing and unique rich thickness, your choice of cheese is just as crucial, and our chef always prefers to use Melusine Goat Cheese for this particular specialty. 

Made in the Poitou-Charentes region of the Loire Valley in France, this soft and expertly crafted fromage instantly melts in the mouth. Boasting slight notes of sweet caramel, its distinctive and powerful taste goes flawlessly with the more subtle flavours of beetroot. 

The hard rind is totally edible, and it also adds a welcome boost of loveliness all kinds of salads and sandwiches.  

Of course, nobody does pasta quite like the Italian’s, and so we recommend using De Cecco Pasta as your base ingredient. Simply choose your choice of shape, and cook it for just long enough to maintain that authentic ‘al dente’ bite. 

Top tips from our chef

  • Don’t forget the garnish – To add texture and crunch, give your pink pasta creation a finishing sprinkle of crushed walnuts. Or, throw on some fresh slice beetroot and any remaining crumbled goat cheese for extra flavour and presentation points.

  • Introduce a dash of vegetable broth – If your sauce seems a little too thick or dry, simply ladle on a few spoonfuls of vegetable broth to help every piece of pasta become nicely coated.

  • Blend your sauce – Use a food processor to create a bump-free and professional-looking sauce in seconds. Let your beetroot cool slightly beforehand, and sprinkle in a pinch of salt and pepper to taste before mixing it in with the pasta. 


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