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Highest Grade Glost Fired Cooking Knife - 300mm

Product: Highest Grade Glost Fired Cooking Knife 


Description: This is the highest grade of Japanese knife following in the wake of Japanese swords, featuring a mirror-finish and ebony wood as well as an octagonal handle.
A Honyaki (glost-fired) knife retains its sharpness for a long time once it is ground and that the cut plane of food is beautiful. Sakai Takayuki's Honyaki Series are top-rank products that ensure a wonderful sharpness and manufactured with a unique traditional method.
The knife is used for cutting fish, such as fugu blowfish, paper-thin, and it is thicker and not as wide as sashimi knife. The knife is also called the "tessa knife".

Size: 300mm

Packaging: 300mm x 1 

Status: Dry

Origin: Japan

Code: 19829