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Salmon Fillet Skin On Portions - 220g

Product: Chilled Salmon Fillet Skin On Portions 

Brand: Chef

Description: Fresh grilling salmon fillets with the skin on, are perfect to enjoy at home with friends. These salmon portions are centre cut, making them convenient for cooking and the skin provides a safety layer between the hot grill and the tender meat. It is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids for additional health benefits. Ensure that you start grilling the fillet with the skin down. Once the skin is crispy, turn it gently with a spatula to ensure it doesn't stick. Accompany the salmon fillets with some blanched Asparagus or a light garden salad and enjoy!

Size: 220 gms approx

Packaging: 220 gms approx x 1

Status: Chilled

Origin: Norway

Product Code: 37596