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Rice Seasoning - 200g

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Product: Rice Seasoning

Brand: Mishima

Description: Furikake is a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice. It is a standard condiment for rice but it can also be used for other dishes like pasta, fish or salads. Shiso is regarded as Japanese healing herb and consumed widely across the country for eating, health, and beauty purposes. Features The shiso used in this Yukari furikake has been originally created by the manufacturer through 20 years of trial and error. Yukari's shiso has a vivid purple color and fresh scent. Only young shiso leaves are used in this furikake (shiso scent and color deteriorate as the leaves gets older). Family-sized furikake containing 200g. How to use Simply sprinkle Yukari on rice and mix them together. Also suit well with rice ball. You can use it for foods/dishes other than rice such as salmon, pasta, salad, and soup. Details Contents: 200g Nutrition: 1.9kcal per 1g Potential allergens: None Made in Japan

Size: 200g

Packaging: 200g x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: Japan

Code: 38400