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Halloumi Cheese - 200g

Product: Halloumi Cheese 

Brand: Puck

Description: Halloumi Cheese is deliciously and tastefully rich! With its high boiling point - it makes for quick and easy grilling or frying (Keep a watch over it to avoid overcooking). This cheese is made with a mixture of goat and sheep milk which gives its unique salty flavour and texture. It's great for every meal of the day, whether you're looking for a delicious breakfast, a lovely lunch, or a tasty dinner. It is suitable for keto and vegetarian lifestyles and can be used as a meat substitute in salads or accompanying grilled vegetables. Possible allergens include milk.

Size: 200g

Packaging: 200g x 1

Status: Chilled 

Origin: n/a

Product Code: 10256