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Hokkaido Mascarpone Cheesecake - 330gm

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Name: Hokkaido Mascarpone Cheesecake 

Brand: Morozoff

Description: Morozoff has been making cheesecake in Japan for 40years. The taste which does not change from birth is still loved by many people in Japan. This cake delivers intense flavours, using cream cheese made from Hokkaido, infused with notes of lemon, bringing together the unadulterated taste of these cakes. Further elevating the simple cheesecake, by incorporating mascarpone cheese and gently baking it at a low temperature.​ The Mascarpone cheese used, is made from raw milk produced in Hokkaido’s Kosen district – seducing many with its smooth texture.

Weight: 330gm

Packaging: 330gx1

Status: Frozen

Origin: Japan

Code: 38226