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Wagyu Beef Minced - 300g

Product: Frozen Japanese Wagyu Beef Minced 

Brand: Shefu Gourmet

Description: This Japanese Wagyu Minced beef is a heart-healthy option for burger lovers looking for better flavours; buttery and bold umami, melt-in-your-mouth explosion for your palate.

Wagyu beef is derived from speciality breeds of cattle raised in Japan. The translation of Wagyu is “Japanese Cow.” A5 is the highest quality rating awarded by the Japanese government.

The letter refers to the yield of the meat (how much meat on the cattle was usable). The number refers to certain quality characteristics, such as marbling, colour, firmness/texture and quality of fat.

Size: 300g

Packaging: 300g x 1

Status: Frozen

Origin: Japan

Code: 38932