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Mochi Ice-Cream - 4 Pieces

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Product: Mochi Ice-Cream

Brand: Mochidoki 

Description: Mochidoki's premium mochi ice cream is made with the finest rice flour (mochiko), which is steamed and gently kneaded into chewy, smooth, and tasty "mochi." After that, the mochi is carefully wrapped around gourmet ice cream for an enchanting flavor and texture blend. Made in small batches, Mochidoki is gluten-free with natural ingredients and with no added artificial sweeteners or colors.

Size: 4 pieces (1 Strawberry flavour, 1 Matcha Green Tea flavour, 1 Mango flavour, 1 Vanilla flavour)

Packaging: 4 pieces

Status:  Frozen

Origin: USA

Product Code:  37734