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Peanut Sauce (Vegan) - 190ml

Product: Peanut Sauce (Vegan)

Brand: Blue Elephant

Description: Blue Elephant Peanut sauce is ready-to-use and just a spoonful of its addictive taste will transport you to the land of smiles! Thai peanut sauce makes an amazing dipping sauce for the very popular satay skewers (one of the most popular snacks in Bangkok) or fresh spring rolls. But this versatile sauce is also a winning salad dressing and a flavorful marinade to season any kind of proteins before grilling. Peanut sauce rich, tasty yet mild flavours come from roasted peanuts, creamy coconut, tangy tamarind paste, and fresh Blue Elephant curry pastes... subtlety combined according to the original recipe from Master Chef Nooror Master Chef Nooror Somany founder of the Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine establishments. This new Blue Elephant formula is now vegetarian and made from better ingredients.

Size: 190ml 

Packaging: 190ml x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: Thailand

Code: 40841