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Phad Thai Cooking Set - 300g

Product: Phad Thai Cooking Set 

Brand: Blue Elephant

Description: Blue Elephant Phad Thai cooking set conveniently gathers all specific ingredients to cook a tasty and authentic Phad Thai for two: our special stir-fry sauce, rice noodles, and some toppings (dried spring onions, chilli flakes and cashew nuts).

This world-renowned dish was created during the Second World War in the period of Prime Minister General Por Phiboonsongkram. It is one of the most emblematic Thai Recipes... made from scratch, it is also one of the most difficult as it requires a lot of different ingredients.
This kit will make it easy-to-cook, and give you in 10 minutes an authentic Phad Thai like in Bangkok!

Our flavorful sauce, sweet and mild - made in Thailand from Thai fresh ingredients only, is an original recipe from Master Chef Nooror Somany founder of the Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine establishments.

Size: 300g

Packaging: 300g x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: Thailand

Code: 40832