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Grilled Chicken Potato Chips - 68g

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Product: Potato Chips Grilled Chicken

Brand: Calbee Wings

Description: Potato chips 35-channel grilled chicken potabee is a type of vegetable tubing. Potatoes are usually prepared into carbohydrate-containing and filly foods. The potato is made into crispy, very popular chips. One snack with potato-based ingredients is potato chips 35g. The wings' potato snack has a distinctive taste in the original potato despite being served with a little roasted chicken flavour, the potato is still really tasted. The thick, crispy texture of chips makes the potato whole and the roasted chicken flavour perfects the savoury and delicious flavour. Present in a premium plastic packaging that actually keeps the taste and is practically brought anywhere as a leisure snack with friends.

Size: 68g

Packaging: 68g x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: Indonesia

Code: 38712