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Raw Black Tiger Shrimps Peeled & Deveined - 21/25

Product: Raw Black Tiger Shrimps Peeled & Deveined 

Brand: Chef

Description: Nobashi Ebi are prawns that have been stretched, deveined and peeled, but the tail is left on. Similar to the Ami Ebi prawns, Nobashi Ebi also have a sweet flavour and firm texture. They are the perfect prawn to be dipped in batter or Panko breadcrumbs to make tempura – try making a an Ebi Tempura Soba. Buckwheat noodles served in a hot ramen soup, this can be made with miso or unami broth, with tempura ebi prawns on top! Season with spice to your taste – this is a deliciously warming meal to make using the amazing Nobashi prawns. Please note: the prawns are raw so must be cooked before eating.

Size: 21/25 

Packaging: 21/25 x 20pcs

Status: Chilled

Origin: Vietnam

Code: 24653