Salmon Burger Kit

The "Salmon Burger Kit" includes:

  • Salmon Burger (100g x 6)
  • Martin's Buns (3.5 inch x 8pcs)
  • Tzatziki dippers (190ml)
  • Dill tip herbs (25g)
  • Banderillas Tapas (360g)
  • James White Organic pear juice (250ml)
  • Fentiman's Mandarine Seville orange (275ml)

Recipe(6 Servings)

1. Pan grill the salmon burgers two minutes each side.
2. In a bowl, mix the dry dill tips with the tzatziki sauce.
3. Open the martins buns and add the sauce mix on each side.
4. Add lettuce and onions.
5. Add the salmon burgers.
6. Serve it with banderillas tapas and your choice of fries (make sure to check out our McCain selection)
7. Enjoy it with Fentiman’s beverages

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