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Small Box - Almond Butter Croissant - 30g x 40

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Name: Almond Butter Croissant 

Brand: Chef

Description: Mini Almond croissants will arouse your appetite with their mildly sweet and surprisingly creamy taste. This French delicacy boasts crunchiness, fluffiness, and flavor. These tasty croissants make for a light breakfast when served with a cup of tea or coffee, or they can be used for an afternoon treat amongst friends and family. This box includes 40 mini croissants in total and is made with eggs, milk, butter and flour. Allergens include dairy.

Weight: 30g

Packaging: < mce-data-marked="1">30g x 40

Status: Frozen

Origin: UAE

Code: 37836

Baking instructions: Bake at 180°C 10-12'