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Specialty Cold Brew Coffee

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Product: Specialty Cold Brew Coffee 

Brand: ColsBrew

Description: With a ColsBrew hand-crafted intensity rating of 4 out 5 and infused with pure Nitrogen this Specialty Coffee Cold Brew NITRO blend is for everyone.

With a swift shake, the open and pour initiates the NITRO experience. A mesmerising cascade takes place within the glass, delivering a full velvety body. Coming to rest showcasing its signature NITRO creamy top finish.

ColsBrew NITRO is precisely brewed for 18 hours, allowing for the extraction of the complex flavours to develop. With the exact measure and result of the infusion, the Nitro effect truly compliments the blend of beans enhancing their individual flavours.

Tasters should be instantly greeted with layers of dark chocolate notes, built around subtle hints of maple syrup and caramelised brown sugar with a full creamy and well rounded mouthfeel.

This is NITRO Specialty Cold Brew Coffee at its finest.

Status: Chilled

Origin: UAE