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Thai Jasmine Rice - 500g

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Product: Thai Jasmine Rice

Brand: Blue Elephant

Description: Blue Elephant Thai Jasmine Rice comes from farms in the North -East region of Thailand, also called ‘Isaan’, which geography, soil and water contribute to its uniqueness. We selected the premium quality and grade of the “Thai Hom Mali” breed which is also known as the Queen of Rice for its natural pandan-like aroma. Its jasmine colour long grains, which become soft and slightly sticky when cooked, go perfectly with Thai cuisine and curries as they subtly highlight their taste. The World Rice Conference has declared in 2017 Thailand's Hom Mali variety the world's best rice, maintaining Thailand's number one position for two consecutive years. To make sure our customers get the best of it, we guarantee the best quality by monitoring a
meticulous selection and strict inspection standards in BRC certified premises.

Status: Dry

Origin: Thailand

Code: 40818