Tiramisu Home Kit

The “Tiramisu Home Kit” includes:

  • Nescafe Instant Coffee (200 g)
  • Valrhona Cocoa Powder (1 Kg)
  • Paysan Breton Whipping Cream (1 Ltr)
  • Eggs (30 pcs)
  • Mascarpone (500 g)
  • Caster Sugar (750 g)
  • Savoiardi Biscuit Long Finger (200 g)

Tiramisu Recipe:


20 g Valrhona Cocoa Powder, 25 g Nescafe Instant Coffee, 200 g Paysan Breton Whipping Cream, 400 g Mascarpone, 85 g of Savoiardi Biscuit Long Finger (around half a packet), 100 g Caster Sugar, 1 Whole Egg, 3 Egg yolk, 1 Ltr Water


  • Whip the cream with the kitchen aid until it gets a Chantilly texture
  • Cook the eggs, egg yolk and sugar at 80°C through a bain-marie
  • Whip with a kitchen aid until it is cold
  • Combine the mixture of the egg and sugar, the mascarpone and the whipped cream
  • Add the warm water to the instant coffee.
  • Deep the lady finger biscuit into the coffee syrup.
  • Put a layer of soaked lady finger biscuit on the base of the plate.
  • Pour the mascarpone cream over the lady finger biscuit.
  • Repeat another layer of soaked Savoiardi Biscuit Long Finger
  • Spread remainder of mascarpone mixture on top
  • Let it set for 4 to 6 hours in the chiller
  • Just before serving sprinkle with cocoa powder and crunchy pearl
  • Enjoy and don’t forget to share!