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Tom Kha Soup Cooking Set - 110g

Product: Tom Kha Soup Cooking Set

Brand: Blue Elephant

Description: Tom Kha is definitely one of the most emblematic soups in Thailand! This creamy coconut-infused broth – packed with Thai herbs aromatic wonders – is traditionally made with chicken and enjoyed as such or served with Thai Jasmine rice to create a complete meal.

Blue Elephant Tom Kha cooking set is easy-to-cook and gathers all specific ingredients to make this famous soup: tom Kha soup paste, coconut cream, fish sauce for the seasoning and dried herbs to enhance the flavours of your soup. All you need to add is chicken and/or mushrooms and a squeeze of lime... bon appetit!

This Thai premium soup set, made in Thailand from Thai spices and fresh ingredients only, is an original recipe and signature dish from Master Chef Nooror Somany – founder of the Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine Restaurants.

Size: 110g

Packaging: 110g x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: Thailand

Code: 40817