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Tom Yam Soup - 250g

Product: Tom Yam Soup

Brand: Blue Elephant

Description: Tom Yam is definitely the most emblematic soup in Thailand! Sour and spicy, this Thai herbs-infused broth is a must on any Thai restaurant menu. With shrimps, fish or even chicken this staple food strikes everyone’s fancy: all the magic of Thailand in a bowl of comfy and spicy soup.

Blue Elephant Thai Tom Yam Soup is ready to heat and already contains shallots, galangal slices and kaffir lime leaves to highlight the aroma of your authentic Thai soup! Easy-to-cook, you can now invite Thailand to your plate with this ready-made broth in less than 5min! Just add the protein of your choice (and mushrooms if your wish) and you will get a rich and authentic Tom Yam Soup for two.
Traditionally Tom Yam is served as a clear soup ‘Nam sai’ but can now often be found in its milky version ‘Nam Kon’. We took the best of both worlds with this Blue Elephant recipe that offers a creamy and herbal Tom Yam soup still dairy-free as we are using Thai coconut instead of milk.

This flavorful broth, made in Thailand from Thai fresh ingredients only, is an original recipe from Master Chef Nooror Somany – founder of the
Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine Restaurants."

Size: 250g

Packaging: 250g x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: Thailand

Code: 40823