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Vegetarian Spinach Cheese Burger - 113g x 4

Product: Vegetarian Spinach Cheese Burger 

Brand: Vivera

Description: "Vivera® spinach and cheeseburger - change the world bite by bite with these Spinach and Cheese Burgers.

Perfect in a wholemeal bun with avocado and red onions. Ideal as a meat alternative and as a complete vegetable component in recipes and dishes, Attractive look, feel and structure as finished Dish.

30% leaf spinach, 25% cheese, white rice, bread crumbs, potato starch, sunflower oil, water, potato fibres, thickener, wheat flour, salt, herbs and spices, flavouring, wheat starch, garlic puree, maize starch

Cooking Instructions -
• Slowly defrost the frozen product
• Pan fry in margarine or oil on medium heat for 5 min (turn halfway)
• Frying pan; in sunflower oil at 165C for 6 min"

Weight: 113g 

Packaging: 113g x 4

Status: Frozen 

Origin: Holland

Code: 37317