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Watermelon Puree (No Added Sugar) - 1kg

Product: Watermelon Puree (No Added Sugar) 

Brand: Les Vergers Boiron

Description: Boiron Purees are GMO-free and have no preservatives, additives and thickening agents. The benefits of 100% fruit purées: raw products with pure taste that allow you to add the desired amount of sugar. Boiron's Watermelon Puree is ideal for preparing cold soups or smoothies, creating tantalizing watermelon desserts (sorbets, ice cream, cakes, tarts, etc.) or simply adding to yogurt. Add some to your favourite cocktail for a unique touch of watermelon.

Size: 1kg 

Packaging: 1kg x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: France

Product Code: 37616