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White Chocolate Sprinkles -100g

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Product: White Chocolate Sprinkles

Brand: Benoit

Description: Benoit's white vermicelli sprinkles are the most pristine and elegant sugary eatable. These look so good when topped off on baked desserts and treats
Use our sprinkles to add an exquisite touch to all your sweet creations. These are so versatile and appealing at the same time. These are nothing but sugar candies that come in a micro-mini size. The ivory color of these vermicelli will add a stark contrast even if used on top of dark, milk, or even colored frosting. Our vermicelli will look ethereal when paired with red velvet cake. Fold these into the red velvet batter in clusters, layer by layer. You will have a beautiful cake with little speckles of white against the striking red sponge. The main ingredients that form the base of these tiny edible rods are sugar, glucose, and starch. Soy Lecithin, an emulsifier, is added to preserve the texture and flavor of the vermicelli.

Size: 100g

Packaging: 100g x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: UAE

Code: 38411