Birria Tacos with consommé

February 25, 2022

Birria Tacos with consommé

Take one bite of these delicious, addictive and wonderfully spicy fried Mexican delicacies and you’ll see why this foodie trend is here to stay.

What are birria tacos?  

Currently trending all over social media, you’ve most likely already been bombarded with images of this crispy and oh-so-tempting Mexican specialty. 

To put it simply, birria tacos are a ramped up, and possibly even more tasty version of the classic taco, and foodies and chefs from across the globe have become absolutely obsessed with them. 

In fact, it’s easy to see the appeal. 

A total dream for anyone with a passion for tender beef and wonderful aromatic spices, these little beauties are stuffed with a beautiful Mexican beef stew that offers the perfect mix of sweet, sour and spicy. Carefully slow cooked until the beef reaches a perfect level of tenderness and falls apart at the slightest touch, this fabulous mixture is then stuffed into a tortilla shell and fried up with a healthy sprinkle of cheese. 

Whereas most tacos use just plain flavoured shells, with birria tacos you first dip your tortilla into a hearty homemade beef broth or consommé. This rich smooth sauce is also served with them in a handy dipping pot, boosting the deliciousness levels just that bit further still. 

Overall, it’s a little bit messier than your usual Mexican treat, but so much more moreish and incredible.

Some people might call birria tacos a fad or just a recipe that’s made for TikTok, but we think you’ll be hooked from the very first bite. 

Prepare these wonderfully naughty treats for your next house party or weekend night in, and watch your guests and loved ones fall over themselves to praise you for your cooking skills. We prefer ours sprinkled with fresh coriander, spring onion and a squeeze of lime, and while they taste perfect by themselves, a side of Mexican rice or fresh green salad always goes down a storm, too.

Key ingredients   

As mentioned above, the key to birria tacos is your beef, and it's essential that you choose a quality cut if you want to achieve that perfectly tender, melt-in-the-mouth consistency that makes this recipe so immensely special.  

We recommend using our Australian beef inside skirt which is sourced from grass-fed Angus cattle that roam in the pristine countryside of New South Wales.  

Alongside your sumptuous beef, you’ll also need authentic Mexican seasonings to give your stew its distinctive flavour. Before you start cooking, marinate your beef in our Custom Culinary Fajita Seasoning for at least 30 minutes to let all the aromatic spices properly sink in, then sauté it with some of our premium Molino Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sourced from the blissful, sun-kissed region of Andalucía in Spain.

Of course, no Mexican recipe is complete without a generous handful of shredded cheese, and our amazingly nutty, creamy and buttery Paysan Breton Emmental is ideal for this innovative dish.  

Top tips from our chef   

If you can, marinate the beef overnight, as the longer it has to absorb the spices the better.  

You can also choose to cook your beef stew in a normal stove top pan, or an instant pot or slow cooker if you happen to have one tucked away in your kitchen. 

For those who are trying to go carb-free and want a slightly healthier version, you can always omit the tortillas entirely and simply enjoy it as a warming and comforting bowl of beef stew (topped with all your favourite Mexican accompaniments of course). 

Don’t forget to shred or pull your beef before filling the tortillas, and when you dip your shells in the broth you don’t have to drop them in too deep. The key is to cover them completely and let them get to the fat that will be floating near the surface. 

As mentioned above, you can also top your beef with fresh spring onions and coriander, and the amount of cheese you use can be as minimal or excessive as you like.  

Aim to fry each side of your taco for around two to three minutes until golden brown, and don’t forget to include a little side pot of consommé for each guest.  

Finally, make sure you put out lots of napkins. This is a feast that’s best enjoyed with your hands.  


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