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Establishing a well-stocked pantry (or Food cupboard as some countries would refer to it as), entails sourcing an array of various staple ingredients that will allow you to cook most of your meals without having to do major shops each time. This will allow you to focus on the fresh ingredients.

A few staple ingredients that chefs stock in their pantries include: Garlic, chicken stock, fresh herbs, olive oil, eggs, rice, a good quality vinegar, pasta, honey and a good variety of spices.

Just make sure that you try to keep it all as well organised as possible, so that you can easily reach for the ingredients you need, when you need them.

We brought food service to you, the home chefs, that delight in creating professional meals for their families and home guests. Go on, stock up on those pantry staples now. Shop where chefs shop, and enjoy your delightful creations.