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Matcha Hot Chocolate

February 01, 2021

Matcha Hot Chocolate

This matcha hot chocolate is the perfect drink to warm up on a cooler day. Combining the ultra sweet taste of white chocolate with the bitter notes of matcha, it's the ultimate comforting and creamy pick-me-up. 

What is matcha? 

Matcha is made from green tea leaves, which are finely ground into a powder. It's a traditional drink from East Asia and very popular in Japan. Its rising fame across the world can be attributed not only to its unique taste, but also because it packs a host of natural antioxidants. In fact, matcha contains over 100x more catechins (the part of the plant that contains the antioxidants) than green tea. 

Wait, does matcha go with chocolate?

Matcha is actually meant to be paired with sweet things. In traditional Japanese tea ceremonies you'll often find 'wagashi' (sweets) served alongside matcha tea, which serves as the perfect foil for the bitter taste of the matcha. 

This hot chocolate combines sweet Valrhona white chocolate with matcha powder to give the perfect blend of flavours.

What type of matcha should I use?

We strongly recommend using an authentic matcha green tea powder. But you can also spring for this seasoned green tea powder, which many of our customers love since it's less bitter than standard matcha powder.

Top Tips from our Chef

When you're making this drink you may find you get better results if you whisk the ingredients together in the pan rather than stirring. Matcha powder doesn't dissolve in the same way as sugar or coffee granules so this can help prevent it from clumping. 

Wondering what else you can do with matcha powder? The great news is that it's extremely versatile. You can make matcha ice cream or cookies, whisk it into a unique salad dressing or even dust it over pancakes! 


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