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Vegan Biryani

March 07, 2021

Vegan Biryani

If you're vegan or simply looking for more 'meat free Monday' recipes, here's our very own mouthwatering Vegan Biryani recipe that'll make sure you aren't missing out on any of that delicious biryani taste!

Here's what you'll need

To bring this flavorful recipe to life, we've used basmati rice, extra virgin olive oil,  La Corvinia chopped tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, vegetable stock/water, and a handful of Indian spices.

We've also used Vivera's vegan shawarma, a plant-based, protein-rich alternative to meat that goes immaculately well with this biryani.

How does vegan biryani compare to traditional biryani?

While traditional biryani is most often cooked with meat, its rich and distinct flavor can be accredited to the use of Indian spices.

In essence, this vegan biryani will tickle your tastebuds in the same way as authentic biryani, with the absence of non-vegan products. The vegan shawarma we've used in this recipe serves as the perfect plant-based substitute for meat, and turns out amazingly soft and tender when cooked. But be warned – once you've had it, you'll keep wanting more!

Top tips from our chef

If you'd like to maximize the level of heat in this recipe, feel free to add 2-4 chopped green chillies into the mix to really feel that signature level of spice best experienced in the subcontinental region.

Another yummy and fairly common accompaniment to biryani is roasted papadum - a thin and crisp flatbread that can be crushed and added to the rice.

There's no better way end an Indian meal than to have some sweet dessert to balance the spiciness - here's our Chocolate Molten Lava Cake recipe to help satisfy your post-meal sweet tooth!


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