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Juicy 100% Golden Nectar Juice - 1ltr x 6

Product: 100% Golden Nectar Juice 

Brand: Juicy

Description: In addition to lending this perfect cloudy juice a certain fullness and velvety texture, peaches and apricots give it an irresistible sweet flavour, while grapes and apples provide it with some much-needed freshness. All that, without any added sugar, additives and preservatives, can be found in our Juicy 100% Golden Nectar. The fact that this juice, made of 1,3 kg of fruits, is also a source of vitamin C helps you meet the recommended daily vitamin intake and makes this juice a perfect addition to a balanced diet.

Size: 1ltr

Packaging: 1ltr x 6

Status: Dry

Origin: Croatia 

Product Code: 38874