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Harvest Snaps Green Pea Hot & Garlic - 93g

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Product: Harvest Snaps Green Pea Hot & Garlic 

Brand: Calbee

Description: Each pack of Harvest Snaps Green Pea offers baked green pea crisps. It is a good source of fiber and contains less sodium than any of the regular potato chips. The Harvest Snaps Green Pea features whole green peas, with hot and garlic flavour.
Calbee Inc. is a Japanese producer of various snacking food items. Founded on 30th April 1949, this company has expanded exponentially over the years. Its notable products include Kappa Ebisen shrimp chips and Saya-endo snow pea crisps.

Size: 93g

Packaging: 93gx1

Status: Dry

Origin: Thailand

Product Code: 38221