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Roasted Black Sesame Seeds - 1kg

Product: Iri Goma - Roasted Black Sesame Seed 

Brand: Kuki

Description: Goma is used in a wide variety of foods, not only in Japan, but also in Chinese and Western cuisine. This includes cookies and other confectionery sweets, to more savory foods such as hamburgers and pastas. However, this universal player “Goma” actually originates from the tropical African Savanna Zones. Sesame, which in its scientific name is referred to as Sesamum indicum L., was cultivated in India since ancient times and in the past was considered to be its origin. Presently however, the African Savanna Zones, which contain many wild sesame species, is said to be the true place of origin. Researching the history of sesame cultivation, records show it was cultivated in the Nile River basin more than 3,000 years ago, and was used in Egypt as cooking oil, kerosene, and as a super food that boosted vigor and vitality. Before long, it is believed that sesame eventually was transferred from ancient Egypt to Europe and Asia.

Size: 1kg

Status: Dry

Origin: Japan

Product Code: 10789