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Milk Chocolate Sprinkles - 100g

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Product: Milk Chocolate Sprinkles 

Brand: Benoit

Description:  Our Milk Chocolate vermicelli is edible sugar strands used to add that little bit of glamour to all types of baked treats and also different varieties of desserts.
Benoit Milk Chocolate Vermicelli is made up of sugar, glucose, starch, an emulsifier called soy lecithin. Fully-hydrogenated vegetable oil is added as fat content, cocoa powder is added for color. Our premium milk chocolate vermicelli are the ideal sprinkle to be added to your cupcake or cake batter, pancake, or waffle batter since these are stable for baking. Benoit's vermicelli also has a very crackling texture that rightly appreciates the dense, creamy layer and that soft bite coming from the spongy layers of the cake.
These are so adaptable you can fold these into the batter or add as a decorative layer on top. Our vermicelli sprinkles are visually appealing, these are basically like candy, yummy and sweet.

Status: Dry

Origin: UAE

Code: 38410