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Pancakes For Peking Ducks - 102 pcs

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Product: Pancakes For Peking Ducks 

Brand: Lucky Duck

Description: Lucky Duck dough is intended for making traditional Peking duck pancakes. Peking duck is one of the most famous dishes of Chinese cuisine. It is served with special thin "mandarin" pancakes topped with Hoisin sauce or creamy sauce; after that, pieces of duck, thinly sliced ​​cucumber and a brush of green onions are wrapped in them. Peking duck pancakes should absorb meat juice well, be hot and fluffy. In order not to make the dough yourself, you can take the ready-made semi-finished product Lucky Duck Dough for Peking Duck, one package of which contains 16 vacuum bags of 6 pancakes each.

Size: 102 pcs

Status: Frozen

Origin: Netherlands

Product Code: 14289