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Penne Rigate Pasta #41 - 1kg

Product: Penne Rigate Pasta #41

Description: Penne Rigate pasta are cylinder-shaped with ridges (not to be confused with penne pasta which has the same shape but has a smooth surface). Their shape allows for sauce to fill the middle. This delicious pasta should be boiled for around 14 minutes - ensure that you stir the pieces to avoid them sticking to the pot. You can then create any of your favourite meat or vegan sauces and either mix the elements together, or bake in the oven with some marinara sauce, topped with cheese to add a bit of crispiness. If you have any excess pasta, chill it in the fridge overnight to make a lunch time salad.

Size:  1kg

Brand: De Cecco

Status: Dry

Origin: Italy

Product Code: 35409