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Piccanto Decaf Intenso Nr.5 Coffee - 250g

Product: Piccanto Decaf Intenso Nr.5 Coffee

Brand: Mikah

Description: Our decaffeinated 100% Arabica coffee blend. A proposal for those who love to have coffee at any time of the day. An intense and balanced aroma in perfect Mikah style. A creamy espresso even without caffeine? Try Piccanto!

We often hear that decaf is not comparable to real coffee. The truth is that bad coffee, once decaffeinated, remains bad; a good coffee, on the other hand, stays good. Piccanto does not contain chemical residues due to the decaffeination process; this allows us to have a lighter coffee, 97% caffeine-free.

Size: 250g

Status: Dry

Origin: Italy

Code: 39380