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Satay BBQ Cooking Set -170g

Product: Satay BBQ Cooking Set

Brand: Blue Elephant

Description: Satay is one of the most popular snacks in Thailand... and the best part comes with the rich peanut dipping sauce that is served with those grilled skewers!

Blue Elephant BBQ Satay cooking set conveniently gathers all specific ingredients to cook those tasty skewers: our special peanut dipping sauce, a bag of marinade, some pandan leaves to elevate this dish and the bamboo picks to shape your skewers!

Traditionally made with chicken, this recipe also works beautifully with other proteins: beef, lamb, prawns, goat, tofu...It's always a delight.
This kit will make it fast and easy-to-cook, and give you in 20 minutes authentic satay like in Bangkok serving for 4 starters or 2 main courses when served with a side of rice and vegetables.
Our marinade and best selling peanut sauce, tasteful yet mild - are made in Thailand from Thai fresh ingredients only, is an original recipe from Master Chef Nooror Somany founder of the Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine establishments.

Size: 170g

Packaging: 170g x 1

Status: Dry

Origin: Thailand

Code: 40831