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Following special diets can be slightly overwhelming initially, as you get to know where to source the right products, and learn how to prepare your meals in the correct way. Special diets (or rather lifestyles as we prefer to see them) include vegetarianism, veganism, organic, lactose and gluten free. Thankfully, as more people are adopting these lifestyles, online stores are offering more products to improve the accessibility of being able to have a broad range of meals possible in your home kitchen.

Vegan products are void of animal-based ingredients including eggs, honey, and dairy. You need not eat basic meals though - we've taken it a step further and offer delicious vegetable burger patties, vegan shawarmas, and crispy chicken style burger patties in addition to the usual basic products you would expect.

Our organic products are sourced from all over the world, including Denmark, UK, and Spain. They have less pesticide residues and. Be sure to look out for the "certified organic” symbol when purchasing organic products.

Our gluten, and lactose free (dairy free) products have many benefits, including the ability to improve energy levels, increasing nutrient absorption, and reducing bloating and flatulence.

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